Pirobouw has been a market leader in the production of light mortars and their related raw materials since 1969.

Pirobouw recycles your polystyrene foam packaging waste (EPS) into insulation material, through which the concept of “sustainable building material” receives a true interpretation.
Vermiculite, for example, is an ore that is mined from open mines and which is expanded at very high temperatures (750°C to 1,100°C) by Pirobouw (in a process that is not dissimilar to popping popcorn).

Moreover, you can rest easy when it concerns the quality of our products. Our products have been present on the demanding building market for years. The hundreds of thousands of square metres that have been installed all score equally highly in the areas of reliability and quality.

Therefore, if you care, as we do, about sustainable building, our products are a logical choice.