Pirotherm system is a perfect insulation system for all kinds of flat roofs: from small renovations to enormous roof car parks.

The Pirotherm system combines the Pirotherm insulating mortar with EPS and PUR panels into a strongly insulating sloping layer for flat roofs, for both new buildings and renovation. Any required U value (insulation value) can be realised.

It is the ideal substrate for any type of roofing:
 - both bituminous and synthetic roofing;
 - loose and partially adhering as well as adhering over the full surface;
 - both hot-welded and cold-glued.

A perfect slope
The Pirotherm system is a flexible system, by means of which a perfect multilateral slope can be created without any problems, independent of the flatness of the substrate. Annoying and damaging puddles on the roof will definitely be a thing of the past. The secret for this are the EPS and PUR panels of various thicknesses embedded in the Pirotherm mortar. PUR panels are fitted at minimum thickness, further on the roof EPS panels are used.


A perfect roof insulation
Cold bridges are out of the question with the Pirotherm system.
The whole is namely applied seamlessly and without interruption. Also the finishing against domes, roof edges, ... is perfectly possible.
Any required insulation value can be realized without problems.


A non-flammable roof
Pirotherm has excellent fire properties.
In the event of a roof fire, only the roofing will be damaged; the Pirotherm system protects the underlying construction.
This property has already protected several buildings from a disaster during a roof fire. At the DAF factories in Eindhoven they can speak from experience. Please read yourself the articles in De Dakdekker (The Roofer) and Dakenraad (Roof Council).

Insulation system for roof car parks
Thanks its very high strength the Pirotherm system is the perfect insulation underneath roof car parks. Finishing with concrete tiles, concrete and pouring asphalt, it is all perfectly possible.


Your guarantee of quality
The Pirotherm system has already been used for over 35 years. Thanks to this enormous experience we are able to offer the best solution for your particular roof.
In order to guarantee you that every roof will be perfectly executed, the Pirotherm system is exclusively applied by authorized contractors.
Moreover, the Pirotherm system is ATG certificated.