Styrobet is a light insulating mortar made up of recycled EPS granules and vermiculite, with cement as a binding agent and additives to obtain better properties.

Styrobet is used as an insulating filling layer in floors.


A handy filling in of uneven surfaces and pipes
The main problem with floors is that there is always a criss cross of electricity, water and heater pipes. In order to be able to insulate the floor by means of a ‘traditional’ insulating panel, a levelling screed must first be applied. Styrobet combines the levelling and insulating layers.


A perfect floor insulation
When Styrobet is used, cold bridges are out of the question.
The whole is namely applied seamlessly and without interruption. Also the finishing up against walls and around pipes is perfectly possible.
Any required insulation value can be realized without problems.


Styrobet has a very high strength.
Styrobet: 60 ton/m²


Your guarantee of quality
Styrobet has been used for over 20 years.
The ATG approval guarantees the constant and high quality.