The VCE Concept was developed in 1999 in order to also market in the rest of Europe a group of insulation products, which have been successfully marketed for over 35 years in the Benelux.

All marketed products contain as most important components: Vermiculite, Cement and EPS, which explains at the same time the abbreviation ‘VCE’.

The EPS, which represents the largest volume by far, is always derived from reclaimed waste material: EPS packaging is ground into reusable granules.
This also means that the VCE Concept provides a twofold contribution to environmental protection:

  • the products are insulation materials; this limits the energy consumption in the buildings and contributes in this way to a healthy environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and the amount of petroleum products that are taken from the earth.
  • the most important component is EPS reclaimed from waste packaging; on an annual basis Europe produces an enormous amount of packaging EPS for which a solution must be found at the end of its service life; using it in building materials is one of the best solutions (for more information, please refer to EUMEPS).

    The products are divided into two large groups:

    • products: the processing of these is easy; therefore, these products are sold through the building material outlets (both professional and DIY);
    • systems: the processing of these is complicated; therefore, these products are exclusively installed by a network of specialized firms (the ‘Authorized Installers’).

The VCE structure is an international three-level organization:

  • VCE International researches new applications of EPS mortars. VCE International also deals with the international marketing of the existing products: Pirotherm, Isobet, Styrobet, Piromix, Piroline, G08 and Vermeton.
  • In every country VCE International is represented by a subsidiary. These ‘national’ VCE organizations take care of the production of the insulating mortars on the one hand and the national marketing of the various products (Piromix, Isobet, Styrobet) on the other.
  • For the installation of the insulation systems (Pirotherm, Isobet-Plus and G08) there are in each country several Authorized Installers with specially trained professionals.